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Shaping The Future 

VIEWPOINT, founded by NMT Network Media Trainer, is a platform for companies and research institutions that want to perform groundbreaking work in future technological fields such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and neurofeedback or want to integrate them into their companies. VIEWPOINT combines technical innovation and professional know-how - from architecture, media and psychology to futurology. VIEWPOINT means working together: networking, developing, consulting, producing and training.

Who we are


All-around Vision 

VIEWPOINT connects companies from different industries and countries. Via VIEWPOINT, companies learn both together and from each other, support each other in customer acquisition and processing as well as develop joint projects and new applications in future technological fields.  

One of the most positive aspects about VIEWPOINT is the fact that its founding partners continue to play an active role through their contribution of support and technical expertise.

In Focus 

Every two years, VIEWPOINT places its focus on innovative technology in order to keep up with the growing disparity that is often experienced. In the US, future fields of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are already quite advanced which is why VIEWPOINT transitioned from AR/VR to Extended Reality (XR) since its founding. 

This type of targeted focus helps close the gap and level the playing field by enabling companies to not only collaborate across industries, but across countries.



Product Development 

Over 20 years ago, psychological stress such as burn-out and depression were negligible. Today, however, they are amongst the second most frequent causes of illness in Germany. Additionally, employers are affected by this as it contributes to the early retirement and lost productivity that they often experience from their employees. In fact, according to a recent Gallup survey, burn-out costs German workplaces 9 billion euros annually in lost productivity.

This is where the product HEALium, which was developed by VIEWPOINT's partner StoryUP comes into play: HEALium calms the brain waves and stress in just as little as four minutes. Provided via an XR application, these story-driven, brain-driven experiences work with all popular XR headsets.


VR enables the immersive experience of a real situation. Journalists can easily use this medium to take their users to places to which they have no access. 

They can place them into the lives of other people, and allow them to slip into other times and roles. For journalists, it changes narrative methods, production processes, and ultimately, opens up a new relationship with the user. 

Manuela Feyder, the co-author of the practice book, "VR Journalism" and the co-founder of VIEWPOINT, does a great job explaining the exact technical and professional skills that journalists need in order to realize the many benefits that VR has to offer.


Although most US innovators were born in Europe, the US has surpassed German-speaking Europe in the area of future technological fields. Two reasons for this growing disparity are from lack of cooperation and collaboration.    

The aim of VIEWPOINT is to encourage peer support through the exchanging of ideas across industries, and to serve as a platform where companies can jointly collaborate and innovate from idea conception, all the way through the development and completion stages. 

If you share in this point of view, become a member of VIEWPOINT: We look forward to seeing you!

VIEWPOINT Summit 2019

November 29, 2019

Gutenberg Digital Hub, Mainz


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